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Coastal Hamptons Recent Renovation

The Brief

The new owners wanted their badly neglected garden to be renovated to reflect a Coastal Hamptons theme. Our clients travel extensively so a low maintenance garden was important.

Our Solution

Established planting on both side boundaries was kept to maintain privacy and new planting was installed to introduce colour and greenery to the understorey. The stepper path cut into the synthetic turf invites you around to the side of the property and provides a visually appealing colour contrast. Plant selections such as rose standards, Gazania’s, Bougainvillea’s and Hydrangeas, all with a definitive colour palette were used to compliment the Coastal Hamptons theme.


  • Coastal Hamptons theme plant palette
  • Pockets of colour in all areas of the garden throughout the year
  • Stepper pathway through the carpet of Dichondra (once fully established)
  • Extensive use of synthetic turf

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