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Maintained by Park Lane Landscapes for 20 years

The Brief

The owner based the design of the house on the John Paul Getty Museum in America. The landscaping brief was to compliment this design. Being a Sydney resident the owner also wanted to see a sub-tropical influence in the garden.

Our Solution

The client was determined to use Poinciana’s as the feature trees across the front of the property to enhance the tropical feel. These trees were not compliant with the Body Corporate landscaping requirements which created a challenge for all parties concerned. We were able to resolve this by moving the position of some of the trees, utilising root barriers at the time of planting and liaising with the builder in relation to the location of some of the services at the time of construction.


  • Established Poinciana trees across the front of the property.
  • Different layered hedges and topiaries throughout the garden.
  • Established Pencil Pines running the full length of both sides of the building to accentuate the building design.
  • Long highly perfumed Gardenia ‘magnifica’ hedges in the internal courtyard area.

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